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Not all ateliers are created equal.


Stressed out?  Dress doesn't fit?  We can help.


Located on the ground floor level of the Paramount Bay building overlooking Biscayne Bay, Chernaya Atelier is Miami’s premier destination for evening and bridal dress alterations.  Our specialties include evening dress alterations, bridal dress alterations, bustle additions, press & packaging, hem corrections, refurbishments and wedding day dressing.  In addition, we offer full couture evening and wedding pieces.  We offer a stress-free environment and welcome all: all brides, all people and all brands.  And with over 50 years of combined experience working on luxurious dresses, our master ateliers have the ability to turn your vision into a reality.


We understand that finding your dream dress is just the beginning, and that making it fit can be the real challenge.  Rest assured, the Chernaya Atelier team is here to help, and we look forward to working with you and proving that all ateliers are not created equal!

2066 N. BAYSHORE DRIVE, MIAMI, FL, 33137, UNITED STATES 305.576.6000

TUES - SAT 10am - 5pm

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